Cash Back Promotion

In order to support and appreciate our partners in the current turmoil in the tourism industry and the current economic crisis, Lamasoo has started its “Cash Back” Promotion. In this four-month plan, Lamasoo will pay the accompanying hotels 2.0% in addition to hotel sales, based on their transactions through Lamasoo online hotel reservation services, at monthly deadlines. The general process of this plan is as follows: 

  • In this plan, for those hotels which carry out their payment process (credit or cash) with agencies affiliated with Lamasoo via the Lamasoo payment service infrastructure, which is powered by wallets and banking infrastructure of Pasargad bank, Lamasoo will pay 2.0% of the reservation fee in addition to hotel sales. It should be noted that all agencies that use Lamasoo services now have the opportunity to pay online for reservations registered through Lamasoo with a few simple clicks. This is possible for both credit and cash paid reserves.
  • The procedure for calculating and paying the excess income is that the bookings made on the hotel from the Lamasoo service, where the hotel gets the reservation fee from the agencies through the Lamasoo payment services infrastructure, are calculated within one-month intervals from the start of the plan. At the end of each one-month period from the start of the plan, 2.0% of this amount will be paid from Lamasoo to the hotel. For example, if in one month, the hotel carries out 800 million Tomans of its reservations payments via Lamasoo payment service, at the end of this month, Lamasoo will deposit 16 million Tomans from its account to the hotel.
  • The plan starts on Aban 15th 1399 and ends on Esfand 15th

This plan, which is known by the name of Lamasoo Cash Back plan, will be active for hotels for 4 months from starting day of the plan, to able us at Lamasoo to appreciate and support our great partners. We hope to go through the current difficult situation together.

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